Create a globally respected brand that would change the perception of  Africa through  modern design ? Just lux enough yet   sustainably made  ( in Ethiopia ), this was the challenge taken on in 2013 when founder  /  designer Mikhayel Tesfaye decided to relocate the brand’s footwear production from the far east to his native homeland. His concept behind  Passport was to develop a lifestyle brand that would be inspired by  countless trips to various corners of the globe.

     As the name implies, Passport’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by the idea of cultural exploration and how various cultures affect the modern landscape of fashion as we know it, with it's initial offering  not only did the burgeoning brand find it's way into the hand's of some of fashion and entertainment's most coveted names. The brand also rooted itself in Los Angeles with it's first flagship boutique/ design studio in the heart of West Hollywood, rooted in purpose, we are taking pioneering steps toward what we believe will be the future of sustainibility within our industry.



A combination of hand-made technique coupled with modern machinery and a “no compromise” attitude, are just the tip of what makes our products different.
— Mikhayel Tesfaye